Real estate search made easy — find houses and apartments in Kaiserslautern and the surrounding area

Would you like to finally fulfill your dream of owning your own property and are looking for a house, a condominium, or a beautiful plot of land?

In our blog post, we explain what you should consider carefully when searching for real estate.

Step 1 — Set a radius

First, you should consider what location would be your first choice. Define a specific radius around the location and see which communities within this area would come into question for you.

A search in the more rural areas around cities is generally rewarding as property prices are usually lower in these areas. 

Step 2 — Buy a house, condominium, or your own home?

You should then give some thought to exactly what type of property you are looking for.

Would you prefer to live in a house or apartment?

Would you like to build your dream house yourself and keep your eyes open for a building plot?

When looking for real estate, be sure in any case to consider whether having your own garden is important to you, whether now or in the future.

Step 3 — How much space should the property you want to buy have?

Before you even start your search, a number of parameters must be clearly defined.

For example, you should have determined what floor area is required or how many rooms you need for family planning.

If you want a garden, you should think in advance about whether you want a large area or would be content with a smaller plot. While a large garden looks fantastic and there is plenty of room for children to play, its maintenance also demands a lot of work.

Step 4 — Remodel, renovate, or modernize the property?

Many property buyers opt for an older property. Before doing so, however, you should be aware of the costs that may arise after the purchase.

You should be able to estimate in advance how much money needs to be budgeted for the renovation and whether you will be able do some of the work yourself or will have to hire an external service provider.

Never buy a “pig in a poke” and do not be seduced by seemingly low prices. Take a very close look at the property before buying and, if necessary, have the condition or value of the house appraised by an independent assessor because expenditures for major modernization work can rise steeply very quickly, leaving buyers in desperate financial straits.

Step 5 — The financing

Check your credit rating in good time and calculate broadly how much equity is available to you. Your best approach is to find a financial advisor who can check your credit rating for you and answer any other questions that might arise.

Moreover, ask yourself what will be most important to you in the future. The financial aspects of buying your own home must be well thought out — depending on your specific situation, you may have to sacrifice such pleasures as expensive vacations or a new car for a number of years to come.

Carefully weigh for yourself what you can afford and what sacrifices you are willing to make before buying a property.

Step 6 — The right realtor

Find a professional realtor who can show you various properties and pick out the best one for you.

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